5 Renovation Tips to Save You Money!

home renovation torontoHere are some building tips that can help you reduce the cost of your kitchen, bathroom or extension:

1. Establish labour rates in advance: Labour rates need to be reasonable.  A builder may add a premium on top of extra labour that is brought in.  This makes sense given the added effort to manage that process – but it doesn’t need to be over the top.  Make sure you have an agreed labour rate for all types of skills; from painters and electricians right through to plumbers.  Be clear of what you are up for if any contingency hours are required. [Read more...]

Kitchen Renovation Tip!

KitchensThere are a lot of efficient methods when it comes to adding storage areas or spaces to small, metropolitan homes. One can pick an area from one’s kitchen and change it into a very ornamental place to store your stuff. You can also put up a mini library in your kitchen that contains cookbooks, display glassware collectibles and cooking awards if there are any (flaunt it in the right place). Kitchen wall cabinets can also be mounted onto the ceilings. Different kinds of enhancers and decorative to improve the ambiance can be placed. Little knick-knacks or wall paintings can be placed on one side. Just make sure they’re away from any burning appliance!

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